How English empowers your work and career

Research overview
Gen Z and Millennials Predict Increasing Importance of English for Work
Employees are least confident in speaking and writing
Poor English language skills impact self-confidence at work
Better English skills make your career more AI-proof

Good communication with customers, collegues, managers, and suppliers is really important for a business to grow. Studies found that communicating with others is the hardest part for employees, and it’s where they feel least confident of themselves. But most employers aren’t helping their employees with English language skills, even though it is something they want and think is important.

We understand that giving language training to a lot of employees can be hard for many companies, especially when everyone has different levels of English language skills and different things they need to learn. With this in mind, we have developed LinqiApp, a flexible and language learning social mobile app, designed specifically to increase speaking fluency and accuracy of 3.5 billion people around 196 countries by offering peer-learning model powered by AI and gamification.

Download LinqiApp and Speak English Fast
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