LinqiApp Increased Its Revenue By 210% (February 2024)

LinqiApp Increased Its Revenue By 210% (February 2024)


LinqiApp Increased Its Revenue By 210%

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Speak English Freely

Our mission is to develop the best mobile app that helps 3.5B people from 196 countries to improve their speaking skills and enhance their communication with global citizens of the world.

LinqiApp has hit another milestone with a remarkable 210% increase in revenue! This growth is a testament to the effectiveness of our product-market fit strategy, which has been planned and executed since before the initial release. By aligning our offerings closely with the needs and preferences of our target audience, we have created a product that resonates deeply with English language learners worldwide. Our strategy involved extensive market research, persona interview and user feedback integration, and continuous iteration to ensure that LinqiApp meets expectations of our early adopter users. As a result, we have seen unprecedented success, demonstrating the power of a well-executed product-market fit strategy in driving revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

LinqiApp Team works to make English speaking practice fun by using social features and peer-learning model in language education, sustainable by building a strong learning habit with gamification design and available for everyone around the world to “Speak English Freely”.

Highlights of February 2024

Growth KPIs

  • LinqiApp has hit another milestone with a remarkable 210% increase in revenue! This growth is a testament to the effectiveness of our product-market fit strategy, which has been planned and executed since before the initial release.
  • We increased our downloads both from App Store and Play Store by 60%+ and got 6300 downloads in total in February.
  • Our Premium user base has increased by 104%, reflecting the strong user-product fit signals and value of our Premium offerings.
  • This month, LinqiApp achieved its highest conversion rate (freemium-to-premium subscriber rate) since its launch, with a notable 13% increase compared to the previous month.
  • Weekly Chat Time is our North Star Metric that we truly obsessed with for a couple of months. In the initial week of January, our Weekly Chat Time metric was at 2000+ minutes and we could increase it by 4x in the last week of February. Presently, our North Star Metric is 8000+ minutes, reflecting our continuous growth and engagement.

Marketing Efforts

  • LinqiApp proudly announces its strategic partnership with GamFed Türkiye, marking a significant milestone in its journey of growth and innovation. This collaboration promises to enhance LinqiApp’s gamification features, offering users an even more engaging experience. Read more here.
  • We have recently begun writing SEO-friendly blogs, aiming to enhance our visibility on Google and drive organic growth. This strategic effort is part of our broader initiative to expand the top of our marketing funnel (TOFU) and attract more users to LinqiApp. Read our blogs here.
  • In February, we focused on refining our TikTok strategy to increase visibility and engage with a wider audience on the platform. Through strategic content marketing efforts, we aimed to attract potential users and drive interest in LinqiApp. Follow us on TikTok for more.


  • We are actively expanding our brand presence on university campuses throughout Turkey. This month, LinqiApp became a Product Sponsor for over 50 university communities and clubs. If you’re a university student, reach out to us for more information!

Product Development

  • We have initiated a strategic partnership with GamFed Türkiye to fine-tune our gamification-led growth strategies and develop gamified features on LinqiApp, aiming to enhance user experience.
  • Our Product Team is currently developing brand new features and upgrading LinqiApp to a new version, aiming to transform it into a social language learning app for college students. This update will introduce numerous social features designed to enhance activation, retention, and loyalty loops within our product. Stay tuned for more updates coming next month.

Network & Events

  • Our Mind Behind Execution, Aziz Ahmedov, attended to a Sean Ellis’s Hacking Growth Masterclass organized by SaaStanbul in Istanbul. It was a great pleasure for him to meet and talk to Sean Ellis and get a bunch of inspiration and innovative ideas on product-market fit, experimentation and growth.
  • We also joined to “Investor Gathering: 2024 Agenda” event organized by Helo! and had an opportunity to meet with successful VC partners, angel investors and organized 1:1 meetings to pitch LinqiApp since we are raising Seed Investment round.
  • Our Co-Founders were invited to an online Startup event organized by IEEE club at 9 Eylül University. They shared their inspirational entrepreneurship journey and talked about statup growth.


  • Our team has got 8 mentorship sessions on leadership, growth, and finance. We are always eager to learn more to build the best EdTech product.

Investment Opportunities

Large total addressable market

Over 3.5B people in the world are learning English and many of them are shifting to mobile apps

Offering effective solution

LinqiApp offers an effective solution and validated approach for English langauge leaners

Application of AI

LinqiAI, as a product will attract more B2C & B2B learners, provide lucrative opportunities for the market

Organic growth

Since initial release, the majority of our growth has been through organic channels due to our product-led growth strategies

We Are In Seed Investment Round!

Pitch Deck

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