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Are you ready to take your English language skills to new heights and open doors to exciting opportunities around the globe? Welcome to the world of the IELTS Speaking exam—a dynamic assessment that not only evaluates your ability to communicate effectively in English but also serves as a stepping stone towards your aspirations. The IELTS Speaking exam isn’t just a test; it’s a transformative journey that empowers you to express yourself confidently and fluently in English. Whether you’re preparing for academic pursuits, professional endeavors, or personal growth, mastering the IELTS Speaking exam is a crucial milestone on your path to success.

 From understanding the exam structure to refining your speaking skills, we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to tackle the IELTS Speaking test with confidence and precision. Join us as we embark on this enriching journey together, unlocking the secrets to mastering the IELTS Speaking exam and harnessing the power of English proficiency to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. Let’s embark on this transformative adventure and pave the way for a brighter future filled with endless opportunities in the English-speaking world!

IELTS Speaking Questions

  • What advertisement it was
  • Was it shown on TV, radio or newspaper
  • What was good about that advertisement
    Explain why you think that advertisement made the product seem attractive.

A Challenging Thing You Did: Describe a challenging thing you have done. You should say:

  • when you did it
  • why you did it
  • how you handled this challenge
  • What your relationship is with this person
  • How often do you see them
  • What people think about this person

Describe a child that you know and like a lot. You should say:

  • Who the child is
  • How do you know them
  • What do they enjoy doing

Describe someone who has had an important influence on your life. You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • How long you have known him/her
  • What qualities this person has

Describe a person that you think is very interesting. You should say:

  • Who is this person 
  • How you met them
  • What they like to talk about
  • What animal it was
  • When and Where you saw it
  • And explain how you feel about this animal
  • what is it
  • how you know about it
  • how much it would cost you

Books: Talk about a book you are reading now or have read recently. You should say: 

  • How and why you got it
  • How long it took you to read it, or how long you have been reading it
  • What kind of book it is
  • How well-known it is
  • Why you would like to read it
  • Why you have never read it before

And say how you think it will compare to other books you have read: Talk about a book or novel you recently read. Please tell me:

  • Who wrote this
  • What it is about
  • Explain if you enjoyed reading it 
  • what you forgot
  • how important it was
  • Some possible reasons why you forgot it

Money: Describe something (special) that you saved money to buy. You should say:

  • what it was
  • how long it took you to save enough money to buy it
  • why you wanted to buy this thing
  • how you got (or, earned) the money
  • What it looks like from the outside
  • What it looks like inside
  • What facilities it has

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