Strategic Partnership

Welcome on board Karşıyaka Kolektif

We are excited to announce a formal partnership between LinqiApp and Karşıyaka Belediyesi Kolektif Girişimcilik Merkezi! This collaboration marks an important step in strengthening our ties within the entrepreneurial community of Karşıyaka Municipality, İzmir, Turkey.

The partnership between LinqiApp and Karşıyaka Kolektif aims formalizing our mutual support and collaboration. This alliance signifies our shared commitment to fostering a supportive environment for young founders and entrepreneurs in the region. It will open doors for potential collaborations, networking opportunities, and community engagement initiatives. While our focus remains on the development and advancement of LinqiApp, we are excited about the potential impact that this formal partnership could have on our shared goals.

We extend our gratitude to Karşıyaka Kolektif for their partnership and look forward to a fruitful collaboration that benefits the entrepreneurial community at large. Together, we are laying the foundation for future growth and prosperity in İzmir, Turkey.

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