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22 podcasts you should listen to improve your English

People now start listening to podcasts rather than music while traveling from one place to another. So why? Podcasts have turned into content that offers people a conversation environment and information. Learning information by listening is among the latest trends of 2023 and 2024. So, what can we who want to learn English listen to as a podcast?

Here LinqiApp Team has compiled Podcast content suitable for your level for you. Podcast suggestions that will improve your English speaking and listening skills are below!

Recommendations for those new to podcasting

List of podcasts for people with intermediate and advanced English levels

1) The American Life:

2) Crime Junkie:

3) Overhead at National Geographic:

4) The Writer’s Voice:

5) Comedy Bang Bang:

6) Global News by BBC:

Education-focused podcast recommendations

TED Talks Education: There has yet to be a TED talk about an idea or topic that doesn’t inspire or move the listener with fresh energy. You can listen to TED’s educational podcasts to hear from some of the brightest minds in academia today.

TED Radio Hour: It is a podcast channel that combines various TED Talks.

Harward EdCast: Listen here to a series of conversations focused on numerous topics and current events related to the thinking of leaders in education, serving as a space for educational discourse and openness.

Psychology and Sociology

On Being: Krista Tippett boldly tackles the question we’ve all asked at some point: “What does it mean to be human and how do we want to live?” If you’re curious about the answer to this question, start listening.
Hidden Brain: Podcast featuring social science research brought to life from NPR.
You Are Not So Smart: This social science podcast features interviews on topics like tribal psychology, persuasion narrative, and active information avoidance. 

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

How I Built This: Podcast featuring startup and entrepreneurship stories from NPR.

StartUp Podcast: Podcast featuring startup and entrepreneurship stories from NPR.

HBR Ideacast:Weekly podcast featuring leading thinkers in business and management.

Curious Minds: It is the leading innovation podcast featuring authors, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

The Knowledge Project: The podcast where Shane Parrish helps you master things other people already understand.

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